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With regards to Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (the written text which can be found in the U.S Copyright Office website at, a response to claims of copyright infringement that is made available to will be taken care of immediately by a designated representative that is determined below. Any individual that knowingly misrepresents material or activity that is copied is subject to legal responsibility by Section 512 (f). This website reserves the rights to entire discretion to eradicate content material and terminate the account associated with it in, users that infringe, property and any other rights of third parties.

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1. To act on behalf of the owner of the alleged infringement you will need a physical or electronic signature.

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3. The material that is claimed to be infringed will need to be identified to gain removal or access for disablement and reasonable information to allow to find the content.

4. Contact information from the complaintif where they can be reached; i.e contact number, address, contact name and email address if available.

5. A written statement that provides information the individual (s) does not have authorization by the copyright owner, its representative or the law.

6. A written statement with accurate information is located in the warning notification that he/she is under consequence for infringing and that the party complaining is able to act on behalf of the owner of the work that is supposedly infringed.

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